Gravity Conveyor Portable

Gravity conveyor portable can move products in a quick and efficient manner. This equipment can easily be configured to suit a wide range of applications in order to streamline the material flow in your facility. Whether you deal with high/low volume of work, a variety of sizes and weights, portable gravity conveyors can be configured to meet your demands. This conveyor can easily be installed without encountering a lot of difficulties. It provides low cost transportation as well as buffering of product. The straight or curved sections can also be adjusted including its height.


Portable gravity conveyor is a crucial equipment in manufacturing and distribution industry. This equipment is made up of steel frames and legs with side plates made from aluminum in order to provide a long lasting durability. Gravity conveyor portable come in different sizes and shapes, and they can easily be moved around without much difficulties. Some of the portable gravity conveyors have a capacity of 200lb, with 18 inches wide frames that can expand up to 24 ft long. This type of conveyor has a minimum of 2 ft long when compacted, which helps it to provide the adjust ability for loads. 

Heavy duty portable conveyors are also available in various sizes ranging from 300mm wide, 450mm wide and 600mm wide, and 1500mm length and 3000mm length. Its frames are constructed using mild steel channel. These frames can be customized to suit any width and length required. The Gravity rollers can suit both standard heavy duty and medium heavy duty portable gravity conveyors. These rollers are available in different forms such as galvanized steel, black steel and polypropylene. Gravity conveyor rollers can be customized to suit the required length. Therefore you can order for customized rollers to suit your existing frame. These rollers can be supplied from different products, diameters and lengths, which include steel tubes, PVC tubes, Aluminum tube, Galvanized pipe and Stain steel tube.


Gravity conveyor portable are best suited to move items on flat surfaces when the spacing and speed of goods require control. Gravity conveyors play a very important role in any manufacturing process including the transportation of materials and assembly components, material handling and the shipping of finished products. Whatever the bulk material capacity or unit load, portable gravity conveyor can be designed to suit your needs, whether at an inclined, horizontal or decline path.

Gravity conveyor portable can handle most operations that do not need expensive powered equipment. The conveyor provides efficient handling of goods at a negligible cost. Portable conveyors are easy to set up, relocate and dismantle.